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Protecting Yourself from Electronic Pickpocketing

Lately it seems like the words fraud and identity theft are used more frequently in both the national news and day-to-day conversations amongst peers. It’s becoming more common to hear about friends and family being victimized and the stress surrounding the aftermath. Not only do you typically lose money and/or your personal information, but you feel violated, offended and angry by the thought of someone taking something from you. So what can we do as a whole and as individuals to protect ourselves better? For one, retailers have been spending more money on protecting their customer’s information when ordering online....

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Business Etiquette

In today’s digital age, we rarely hand write a letter over typing an email and we often text someone instead of calling them.  So, imagine how much more that first impression matters when you meet a client face-to-face.  It is imperative to review your etiquette skills (or lack thereof) and make adjustments, if needed, in order to stay competitive in your specific market.  Although a lot has changed in the last 15-20 years, businesses are still built on relationships.  You simply cannot build a strong relationship if you don’t get past the initial meeting.  In order to make a positive...

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